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August 26,2020

Don't forget to workout your arms!

NO GYM due to COVID 19

Your lower body might be getting exercise


What about your shoulders and arms?

 Exercises for your arms 

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Lunging is a Big part of Tennis

Lunging is a major part of playing Tennis.  Why not train your body to be Strong and Balanced by doing these lunging exercises?  It could improve your game!

Please contact me with this form below if you would like to learn more about lunging.

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July 20, 2020

Two workout exercises for your golf game


Standing mid back stretch

by BodBot

spot me girl

Modified Deadlift

Caution: do not drop the weights below your knees AND keep your back straight.

by Spot Me Girl

Please feel free to contact me below if you have any questions about personal fitness coaching

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July 7, 2020

Do you get knee pain running?

If you get inner knee pain when running, it could be a weakness in your quadriceps and/or gluteus medius muscles.

*Always talk to your doctor before exercising to address pain.

Try these two exercises for a few weeks​

Hip Abduction

This hip abduction exercise strengthens your gluteus medius muscle.  If this muscle is weak, then your knee might go out of alignment.  This could cause inner knee pain.  Try to focus on strength with this exercise by adding heavy ankle weights to your top leg.  It should be hard to do more than 10 repetitions.

Partial Squat by Muscle & Fitness

Single leg squats can strengthen gluteus medius and quadriceps muscles.  These muscles control your knee movements when running.  Use a chair in front of you for balance.  DO NOT allow your lead knee to bend forward past your toes.  Try 5-10 repetitions per side.

Please contact me if you would like to know more about running and knee pain.

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June 19, 2020

Do you have back pain playing golf?

It could be tight hip internal rotators (IR).

Your lead hip needs flexibility to correctly finish your swing.

Try these exercises

Standing hip IR stretch

Hip IR stretch

When you follow through on your drive shot, the front hip must move into significant internal rotation or your low back will take on stress.  If you have tight hip IR's then it could cause strain on muscle and joints of your low back.  Always check with your doctor if you are having pain before doing new exercises. 

Please email me if you find this blog helpful or have any questions.

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June 12, 2020

Why does my Shoulder hurt when I serve?

Your posterior shoulder joint capsule might be tight.

Compare your tightness with internal rotation of your serve arm vs your non-serve arm.

Two exercises may help!


sleeper stretch


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May 31, 2020

Exercises you must do 1-3 weeks after Total Knee Replacement

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Feel free to email me with any questions using the form above

Please consult your surgeon before starting any exercise plan



You can still workout 

Each exercise interval time can be altered to work best for you

Intervals: 30 seconds all out effort

15 second rest



Benefits of Jogging on​ Rebounder

Low impact on your joints
Good for lymphatic system
Helps strengthen bones, muscles and joints
Great cardio effect on your heart and lungs
150 lb female can burn about 210 calories jogging for 30 minutes on rebounder
Use it in your home not matter what is the weather outside
Can be fun to feel the effects of bouncing




What is Sarcopenia?

We lose muscle mass and strength as we age

It can start at 40 years of age

Gets significantly worse > 70 years of age

Exercise can help with Sarcopenia

Endocrine=hormonal changes 

Calcium leaks into our muscle cells

Lack of enough protein in our diets

**Lack exercise on a regular basis

Cachexia=weak/wasting of body due to chronic illness

Research suggests that you can do something about Sarcopenia


Eat more protein

Get yearly wellness check ups

Educate your friend about this process


Saturday Workout

You can workout anywhere with a few pieces of of equipment

 1.  Yoga Mat

 2.  Buso ball

3.  Climber 



Forward Head Posture makes you...


Look Old!

Neck exercises you can easily do in the car to help correct forward head posture

As we age our heads can move forward and cause neck, back and jaw pain

For every inch forward your head moves....add 10 lbs of weight to your neck and back muscles

Average head 15 lbs  + 10 lbs (one inch fwd) = 25 lbs strain on your neck and back muscles

15 lbs + 20 lbs (Two inch forward head)  = 35 lbs of strain on your muscles....etc

Here are easy neck exercises to do in your car to get your head back in alignment 

Try to keep you head back when on you phone, watching TV and eating

Chin tuc :  5 repetitions with 3 second hold

Neck Press:  Push the back of your head into the car headrest for 5 reps with 3 second hold

Make sure you keep your chin down when you push backward

Shoulder pinches:  Move your shoulders back into the seat of your car for 5 reps with 3 second hold

You can do these exercises at a "Stop Light"


August 26, 2019

Which is better for YOU?

Home Gym

PROS:   Freedom to exercise anytime

                 Don't need to drive to the gym

                 You can blast your favorite music

                 No waiting to get on the equipment

                 More privacy

                 You can wear whatever you want to wear

                 NO excuse: more likely stick to workout

                 Save monthly membership $


CONS:  Initial cost "could" seem high

                Could get lonely working by yourself

                Takes up space in your home

                Could get distracted by people/work in home





Gym Membership

PROS:  Can work out with others (social)

                More choice of  fitness equipment

                Exercise Group Class 

                Less distractions from home environment

                Might have sauna and/or spa


CONS:   Only 37% people use memberships

                 Cost average is $ 58/month, $696/yr

                 Crowds pre/post work

                 Might have to wait for a free machine

                 Must spend time driving and parking 

                 Less likely to go if bad weather



August 19, 2019

Do you remember when exercise WAS play?

It is my belief that if you can find the "moment" in your life when exercise STOPPED being fun then you can change how you feel about working out.

We make decisions based on emotions and feelings.

Emotions are more unconscious and coming from the brain pattern of chemical and neural responses to what we are experiencing around us.

Feelings arrive after emotions and are pleasant or unpleasant based on our past experiences of similar situations. 


Without emotions/feelings it is almost impossible to make decisions.

To overcome resistance to exercise (unpleasant thoughts) then maybe we can look at our emotions and feeling about working out.

Can we make exercise more like play?

Think of your favorite activity on the playground as a child.  Can you make your exercise program have some component of that fun built into it?

I loved kick ball therefore I may spending 10 minutes of my workout kicking a ball into the wall to bring that  spirit of play back into my routine.

Play = Exercise


August 18, 2019

How about making your own gym?

This is one way I workout.

Most of the equipment is inexpensive.

I found stuff at yard sales and friends donations.

No excuses!



Try "Core" exercises at work

Isometric abdominal crunch

Place ball on your lap

Push down with both arms into ball

Pull in your belly button as you push down

Complete 10 reps

Lumbar stretch

Slowly, roll the ball out in front of you

Keep legs open to release the hip joints

Hold 10 seconds

Complete 3 reps

Oblique Crunch

Place ball on your lap

Push "ONE" arm down into ball and hold 3 seconds

Repeat with the opposite arm

Complete 10 reps on each arm

Core Reaching

Sit up so that your back is not leaning on back of chair

Pull in your belly button

Lift ball over your head

Must keep your belly in for entire exercise

Complete 10 reps

Isometric Hip Adduction

Pull in your belly button

Squeeze ball between your knees

Hold 3 seconds

Complete 10 reps

Hip Abduction

Wrap a belt or Thera Band around your knees

Pull in your belly button

Move knees apart

Hold 3 seconds

Complete 10 reps

Sitting at work all day can cause your core muscles to get fatigued.

This could lead to back and neck pain.

Why not take a break and care for yourself?

You can be more productive at work if your body is healthy!


August 5, 2019

Have you heard of a HIIT workout?

Definition:  High Intensity Interval Training

Purpose:  Burn more glucose (sugar) and fat in your workout.  Increase fitness levels more rapidly than a general workout.

What is required to do a HIIT workout?  High levels of motivation and tolerance for hard work.

How it works:

                                   1.  Warm up for a few minutes.

                                   2.  Perform a exercise such as jumping jacks for 45 seconds                                                         as fast and hard as you can do it.

                                   3.  Slow down and jog in place for 15 seconds.

                                   4.  Repeat another exercise such as push ups for 45 seconds                                                         as fast and hard as you can do it.

                                   5.  Slow down and jog in place for 15 seconds.

                                   6.  Continue with cycles until tired or 30 minutes

HIIT training can significantly lower insulin resistance

Improve fat oxidation (fat burning)

Can do a HIIT workout without equipment



Why does weight loss get harder as we age?

NIH research studies report an average adult American gains 30 lbs from age 20-50.


1.  Studies in "Cell Metabolism" 2017 looked at an enzyme as the cause of weight gain as we age.

2.  Our muscle mass naturally decreases as we age.  It is called Sarcopenia.  Less muscles burning             calories we eat = wt gain.


                                   1 lb of muscle burns 3 x more calories than 1 lb of fat!

3.  We can become more sedentary as the children leave, we retire and slow down the pace of our           lives.

4.  Hormonal changes can effect the way we burn energy.  Example: decline of insulin regulating             hormones.

So what can we do to lose weight?

*Make sure you add weight lifting to your workout routine to build muscle.

*Be aware of how much you sit during the day.  Get up and move around whenever you can do it.  Find creative little ways to add more movement to your daily life.

*Shift your diet to eating foods that build muscle and eat LESS simple sugars.

*Develop good sleeping habits.  If you are tired then you tend to make poor food choices.

*Drink less alcohol and sugary drinks.


July 29, 2019

"Use exercise to solve a problem"

Its true!  You can use exercise to induce the "Incubation Effect".  

English psychologist, Graham Wallas had a theory in 1926 that if you try "NOT" to think about your problem, then you will get the answer to your problem.  

By exercising, you let your brain rest while your body works.  For some reason, the brain can then come up with a solution to your problem and/or increase your creativity.

So take a walk, a swim or a bike ride and let your brain relax!

Then wait for the magic to work


Try it some time


July 25, 2019

Is Diet more important than exercise to loss weight?

In my opinion, YES!

Exercise for 1 hour = about 400 calories

Eat a meal in 1 hour = about 700 calories


80% wt loss is diet

20% is exercise

You can do it!


July 22, 2019

Why don't I want to exercise?

  No Time
  No Energy
  Have Pain
  Do not like exercise

"whether you believe you can or can't, you are right"  Henry Ford

Have you heard of the "self - efficacy (self - confidence) theory?

In a Nutshell:

A.  If you never struggled to master a physical skill.... then you lack the self confidence to stay with your exercise.

B.  If you don't have a hero (past/present) that works are less likely to exercise.

C. If you don't have someone close to you that supports and cheers you are less likely to stay with your exercise.

D.  If you are under significant are less likely to exercise at all.

E.  If you can not imagine your self working out....then you are less likely to start to exercise.


July 18, 2019

Can you get up from the couch?

Which muscle can you exercise to get up?


Hip flexors


July 16, 2019

Do you ever get knee pain?

Are your knee joints tight or "out" of alignment?

Studies of people walking with "tight" knee joints can have the following results:

                         1.  Strain on the ligaments in your knee = pain

                         2.  Bone injury and/or arthritis = pain

                         3.  Muscle weakness due to imbalance = pain

                         4. Back, foot and/or ankle misalignment = pain

                         5.  Poor balance

Here are good exercises


What is Lower Crossed Syndrome?

July 13, 2019


Hip pain

Low back pain

Knee pain

Sway back posture

Increased humping middle back

Definition:  imbalance of muscles of your lower trunk and hips.


 Hip flexors muscles

Lower back muscles


Abdominal/core muscles

Buttock/hip muscle

These exercises could help 

Double knees to chest

Bridge with T-band abduction

The Thomas stretch

Always check with your doctor before doing exercise!

What is Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

Pain in arch of the foot/heel!

July 11, 2019

PPT (Posterior Tibial Tendon)

Defined: part of the posterior tibial muscle.

Both the tendon & muscle move your foot down & inward

This helps to create your foot arch, too.

The posterior tibial muscle is the "baby" second cousin, once removed,  to your calf muscle.   It starts behind your lower leg then wraps around your inner ankle as a "TENDON" that attaches to your foot bone. 


Pain and/or burning inner arch of your foot

You can not rise up on tip toes due pain

You can not walk far due pain in arch of the foot

The arch of foot drops down toward floor more than the other foot


Have flat feet (over pronation)

Twist your ankle to cause injury

> 40 year old

Women > men

Prone to Gout or rheumatoid arthritis

Over exercise or incorrect training

Tight calf muscles

Weak foot muscles

If you think you have posterior tibial tendonitis...

Call your doctor and get an examination

IF your doctor approves then try these exercises

This injury "can" take longer to rehab!

Don't give up!!!  You can heal!!!​

Another cause of heel pain

Achilles Tendonitis

July 10, 2019

The Achilles tendon is a tough band of fibrous tissue that connects the calf muscle to the heel bone.  The calf muscle has two parts;  1.  gastrocnemius muscle &  2.  soleus muscle.  Both muscle meet up together to form a tendon that connects to your heel bone.

The gastrocnemius crossed two joints of your body.  (1.  knee joint &  2.  ankle joint)   So the gastrocnemius points your foot down (push gas pedal) or bends your knee.  The soleus muscle just points your foot down to move your ankle joint.  

What can cause Achilles tendonitis?

  • Flat feet
  • Tight calf msc and/or weak calf muscles
  • Working out with old or the wrong shoes
  • Men > Women
  • Increase your exercise training to fast
  • Do the same exercise every day
  • Medical issues such as high blood pressure or having psoriasis
  • Taking certain antibiotics

How can you prevent getting achilles tendonitis?

Stretch your calf muscles

Wear proper fitting shoes

Slowly increase your training intensity  

Cross train (do different types of workouts each day)

Strengthen your calf muscles

Have you ever had pain on the bottom of your heel?

You might have Plantar Fasciitis.

July 9, 2019

Ankle ROM

Normal  DF is 15 -20degrees

Normal PF is 40-50 degrees​

This is the Plantar Fascia

This is also a good stretch to do before you stand up in the mornings.

A great way to stretch the Plantar Fascia in standing.

                            Some signs/symptoms/causes:  

                            *heel & arch pain that is worse in the AM

                            *Tight calf muscles

                            *Being between the ages of 40-70 years old

                            *Decreased ankle ROM

                            *Having a job that has you on your feet all day

What is Plantar Fascia?

It is a thick rubber band of tissue that covers the bottom of your foot.   It puts "a spring in your step"!  That is right, the fascia ia a thick collagen tissue connected to muscle of your toes.  When you put all your weight on the foot the plantar fascia stretches to support your arch.   It helps to stabilize your foot and you push forward in space when walking. 

Plantar Fasciitis is an inflammation and/or injury of this band of tissue.

Try the exercises above to help if you have heel pain or want to prevent it.

Stay tone to other reasons for foot and ankle pain.


Strengthening exercises for Upper Crossed Syndrome?

GOOD Luck!

You can do this!  

Do you have upper crossed syndrome?

                                                                                                                     Blog: 7-7-19

                    Common signs: 

                    1.  Poor posture such as forward head position?

                    2.  Pain and stiffness of neck, shoulder and upper back?

                    3.  Spending long hours at a computer?

                    4.  Find if difficult to get a comfortable pillow?

                    Well, you might have upper crossed syndrome.

What causes upper crossed syndrome?

Tight:  Pectoralis muscles, Upper Trapezius muscles and Levator Scapulae muscles.

Weak:  Deep neck flexor muscles, Rhomboids muscles, and Lower Trapezius muscles.

Here are some good stretches that could help reverse this syndrome.

Come back to see exercises to strengthen the weak muscles that cause upper crossed syndrome.

Can stretching a neck muscle help your shoulder pain?


The levator scapulae muscle connects your neck vertebra to your scapula (wing bone of shoulder).  We have one on right and one on the left side of our body.  Usually, you have more pain on the dominant side of your body.

The levator scapulae helps to move your neck, arm and shoulder.  If it is tight, the levator scapulae can cause pin in your neck, upper back and posterior shoulder.

Here is one way to stretch the Levator Scapulae.  I call it "check for deodorant stretch".

Shoulder stretching to improve joint health 

      July 1, 2019