Personal Fitness Training Coach

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Personal Fitness Coach vs Trainer

Personal Fitness Coach

Work out in the comfort of YOUR home

Focuses on YOUR individual fitness program

The workout is specific to YOUR goals

Addresses physical, mental and emotional  aspects of workout

Encourages and motivates YOU  to be "healthy"

Monitors your vital signs, and document YOUR progress

Understands the underlying issues that limit YOUR success

Develops personal relationship this YOU

Usually very experienced

Your Teacher

Personal Trainer

Works you out at a gym

Focuses on a exercise program that is general

Addresses the strength and cardio aspects of a  workout

Push you to get "fit" with gym equiptment

Monitor reps, sets and weights

Follow fitness normals to get success

A Personal Fitness Coach is a high level Personal Trainer

A Personal Fitness Coach can be a personal trainer


A personal trainer is not always a Personal Fitness "Coach"

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